“Working with EVERGIB was an absolute pleasure. They exceeded my expectations in almost every way. In addition to being incredibly talented, they are kind, humble, engaging and have a wonderful work ethic. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


— Colin Hunter, CEO & Co-Founder, Alton Lane

“EVERGIB is an immensely talented team and provided the highest level of product we could have wished for. Creative and dedicated, they presented a well thought out strategy for our executive team. Startup Virginia highly recommends EVERGIB and are extremely pleased with their work. We welcome inquiries on the services delivered to us.”


— Bryan Bostic, former Executive Director, Startup Virginia

“Working with EVERGIB was a phenomenal experience. They completely overhauled our brand and I couldn’t be more proud of the results. They’re a first class operation and an absolute joy to work with.”


— Katherine Wintsch, Founder & CEO, The Mom Complex

“EVERGIB is everything you want in an advertising partner – strategically sound, instinctually creative and thoroughly professional. They are smart, passionate and motivated. I highly recommend EVERGIB and look forward to working with them again.”


— Jim Gentleman, former Chief Strategy Officer, SK+G

“EVERGIB is sharp, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and incredibly creative. Our organization felt their impact immediately. Their branding strategy serves as a guiding light. Moving forward, we have a foundation for making future decisions.”


— Jay Patrick, Executive Director, Liberation Veteran Services

“I had the great pleasure to work alongside EVERGIB and bear witness to the creative firepower they possess. There is really no job they cannot tackle or take on. They are intelligent and curious, and bring multiple solutions to everything they do. This field is a passion for them, and it shows in the end result. A win-win for any client who chooses to utilize their skills.”


— Steve Averitt, Creative/Design Director, Averitt Creative

“EVERGIB were truly partners throughout our rebranding process. The materials they created are fresh and innovative. We couldn’t have asked for better or more professional collaborators and are thrilled with the results.”


— Wendy Kreuter, CEO, JFS Richmond

“EVERGIB has been a wonderful partner in producing communications collateral for Collegiate School. They have helped us share the Collegiate experience with our constituents in meaningful ways that have yielded timely results.”


— Collegiate School

“EVERGIB has a very rare balance of poise, intelligence, discipline and creative ability that is difficult to find in the creative industry today. Their solutions are always well thought out, strategically on message and incorporate a keen attention to detail in every creative medium. They are respected leaders and a highly valued asset to any creative team or brand.”


— Matthew Connolly, Creative Director, Allis Studio

“EVERGIB came as a strong recommendation and we are so happy they did. Their professionalism, branding knowledge and understanding of a brief is second to none. We genuinely feel extremely lucky to have come across them.”


— Claire Harper, Director, Harper Innovations, U.K.

“EVERGIB is a pleasure to work with and have always come through with exceptional, unexpected creative. Their ideas make a creative director’s job easy, put account people at ease and give you happy clients. What more could you ask for in a great team? I highly recommend them for your next creative project.”


— David King President & COO, The King Agency

“EVERGIB took time to learn and understand our company. They worked closely with us to provide fresh, new ideas in a professional manner and honoring the time frame we required. They truly exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier.”


— Najat Naba, Co-Founder, PhotoQuest Adventures

“EVERGIB paid attention to our needs, and what makes us special. Their exceptional work ethic and attention to detail gave me confidence that we were making the right choices for our business. The results have been outstanding!”


— Julia Mitchell, School Director, West End Academy of Dance

“Working with EVERGIB is an adventure in creativity. From start to finish, they immerse themselves in the story, pay strict attention to detail, and excel in producing a creative solution that hits the target. The process is fun and collaboration is always welcome. They are true professionals.”


— Cheryle O'Gara, Owner/Photographer, O'Gara Bissell